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Benjamin Myers

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin S. Myers joined TerraPact in 2019 to serve as our Chief Executive Officer responsible for executing TerraPact’s overall strategic growth and operational initiatives. Ben is a real estate veteran with over 15 years experience leading large real estate acquisition and property management teams.

Prior to joining TerraPact, Ben was Vice President of Corporate Development and Property Management at American Tower, a Fortune 500 company, where he led all domestic acquisition efforts relating to telecommunication and real estate assets. In addition to his corporate development responsibilities, Ben also led American Tower’s property management team focused on managing underlying real estate rights from private and public property owners on over 40,000 assets. Ben was integral member of American Tower’s acquisition and property groups having various leadership roles over a 13 year period with direct experience in over $10 billion worth of real estate infrastructure acquisitions.

Ben holds a MBA from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance from the University of Colorado.