Right of Way Corridor Acquisitions

Providing railroad owners the unique opportunity to monetize their ancillary real estate rights

Unlock the Value of Your Corridor

TerraPact presents railroad corridor owners with the unique opportunity to monetize their real estate occupancy agreements. This allows owners to refocus and optimize primary rail operations.

Our flexible compensation process offers an alternative to receiving funding from more expensive and rigid financial institutions. In doing business with TerraPact, railroad owners can focus resources on primary business initiatives while eliminating the burden associated with the management of utility-related occupancy agreements. With over 100+ years of combined experience, we ensure the proper management of right of way corridors without any interference with rail operations.


100+ Years of Combined Experience


7,000+ Miles of Right of Way Corridor Management


15,000 Active Agreements Being Managed


$50+ Million Invested in Acquisition Funding

Monetize the Hidden Value of Your Corridor

What We Do

TerraPact is dedicated to supporting the railroad industry by empowering railroad operators and owners to focus on their core operations while unlocking the potential of their right of way corridors. Partnering with TerraPact enables the continuation and advancement of critical infrastructure while offering owners a sizable, mutually rewarding offer.

TerraPact has invested over $50 million dollars in the acquisition and rights to manage over 7,000 miles of railroad corridors across the U.S. and British Columbia.


A Typical Transaction