About Us

Managing corridor occupancy agreements to facilitate the operations of critical infrastructure


The Leader in Railroad Corridor Investments

TerraPact is a leading owner, operator, and manager of right of way corridor assets. We manage over 15,000 corridor utility agreements across North America. These agreements enable the construction and operations of networks to securely and efficiently connect disparate locations for the movement of data, energy, water, and feedstocks.

Since its founding in 2011, TerraPact has expanded rapidly by acquisitions and organic growth through deals with railroad owners and operates to manage their non-railroad related occupancy contracts.


Terrapact has a deep understanding of the railroad industry, property management, and real estate acquisitions.


We customize transactions to ensure mutually beneficial arrangements that meet the owner’s or operator’s needs.


We are a reliable partner with best in class systems and a dedicated team who you can trust.


TerraPact is transforming the way corridor operators leverage their assets by offering entities the unique opportunity to monetize their real estate utility agreements.

Monetize the Hidden Value of Your Corridor

Ensuring Satisfaction and Responsible Management

Our 100+ years of combined experience in railroad, property management, and financial acquisitions ensures responsible management of agreements while supporting the expansion of critical infrastructure in North America. We are committed to crafting agreements that meet the needs of our partners so that owners and operators alike have a sense of trust, satisfaction, and peace of mind post-acquisition.


TerraPact manages right of way agreements on over 7,000 miles of corridors across the United States and British Columbia.